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Satellite Update

PanAmSat filed an application correcting technical errors in its application for replacement of Galaxy 17 at 91 degrees west longitude. For details, search for file number SAT-AMD-20070123-00013 on IBFS.

Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary LLC filed an application to modify its license to launch and operate MSV-1, a next generation L-band satellite to be located at 101 degrees WL. The application requested addition of S-WiMax to the authorized baseline air interface protocols, a change from satellite-based beam-forming to ground-based beam-forming, changes in its feeder links, including a change from linear to circular polarization, and a waiver of the FC rules requiring 30 dB cross-polarization isolation. See FCC Report SAT-00424 and IBFS for additional information.

In the only FCC satellite action last week, the FCC determined that DG Consents Sub Inc. met the contract execution, critical design review, and construction commencement milestones associated with its authorization. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00426.