Satellite Update

The only application appearing in last week's FCC Report SAT- is an amendment filed by TMI Communications and Co. LP and TerreStar Networks LLC, supplying additional information concerning the business arrangements between the companies in connection with a 2 GHz mobile satellite system. The FCC has reserved spectrum for the system. The two companies seek FCC approval of the proposed arrangements. In the application, the companies said service would be provided using CANSAT-24, also known as TerreStar-1, which has been licensed by Canada. Uplink frequencies are in the band 2000-2020 MHz and downlinks use the 2180-2200 MHz band. The TerreStar network will provide coverage to both Canada and the United States. For more information, do a quick search on file number SAT-AMD-20061127-00143 using IBFS.

Last week the FCC granted the request from TMI Communications and Co. LP, and TerreStar Networks Inc. to designate its pending application for modification of its license as "permit-but-disclose" for purposes of FCC rules regarding ex parte communications. The FCC also granted special temporary authority (STA) to Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., allowing it to operate up to an additional 5,000 in-store terrestrial repeaters with an EIRP of 0.0001 watts at retail outlets within the United States for a period of 180 days. The FCC also approved a similar request for STA for 5,000 terrestrial repeaters for XM Radio Inc. at stores or other commercial establishments within the United States where satellite radio receivers are displayed or used but where signals may be attenuated by blockage from walls.

Several applications from EchoStar Satellite Operating Corp. for launch and operating authority were withdrawn. They include calls signs S2716, S2717, S2718, S2719, S2720, S2721, S2722. A spot check of the applications showed they were for 17/25 GHz satellites to provide Direct-to-Home fixed satellite service. For more information, search on the call signs using IBFS. For a complete listing of all satellite actions see FCC Report SAT-00413.

In FCC Order (DA 07-118) the FCC granted Telesat Canada's request for a declaratory ruling to add the C- and Ku-band payloads of ANIK F3 to the FCC's Permitted Space Station list. The FCC granted Telesat's request for waiver of some of the FCC's technical requirements and its request for a waiver of the bond requirement. The Order said that once ANIK F3 is operation, all U.S. earth stations with "routine" technical parameters may communicate with ANIK F3 in the conventional C- and Ku-bands to provide fixed satellite services (excluding direct-to-home) to U.S. customers.