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San Diego Police Partners with KPBS, Triveni to Develop Digital Emergency Services System

The San Diego Police Department is using Triveni Digital's SkyScraper Emergency Services Network system within the new Regional Emergency Services Network in that city. The network, which was established in partnership with public television station KPBS, will provide more flexible training across San Diego's police departments and will also provide other agencies with a readily accessible distribution system for emergency information in time of disaster.

The SkyScraper system utilizes available television station digital bandwidth to deliver such information. Stations can prepare content and insert it into their digital broadcast stream for delivery to a single site or multiple sites within the station's coverage area. These sites may include police stations, fire departments, schools and hospitals.

"The Triveni Digital SkyScraper ESN solution, the basis of our RESN, leverages existing infrastructures at our facilities and at KPBS to deliver valuable training and emergency information to regional agencies," said Officer Sandi Lehan, special projects manager with the San Diego Police Department. "Because it's a cost-effective, easy-to-access system, we feel RESN is a very good fit for this region."

The SkyScraper system can deliver any type of digital content and can be tailored to fit specific requirements of television broadcasters and community service operations.