Samsung Unveils Micro LED, QLED Display Advances at CES2022

(Image credit: Samsung)

LAS VEGAS—At the International CES 2022 here this week, Samsung is introducing several new sizes in its Micro LED TVs as well as updates to its Neo QLED line, all targeting more robust and immersive video and audio. 

Introduced a year ago, Samsung’s Micro LED features 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs that individually produce light and color, creating an incredibly immersive experience through impressive depth, vibrant colors and a heightened level of clarity and contrast. Samsung will unveil the updated Micro LEDs in three different sizes—110”, 101” and 89”.

The updated Micro LEDs also support 20-bit greyscale depth for improved HDR. This means MICRO LED models can express every detail in a scene, offering the finest control with over 1 million steps of brightness and color levels, Samsung said. It also supports 100% of DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut, resulting in stunning, lifelike colors. 

Additional features include Art Mode, MultiView, allowing viewers to view content from four different sources simultaneously and Dolby Atmos audio support. 

The 2022 version of Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup introduces advanced contrast mapping with BLU (back-light unit), increasing the brightness level from 12 to 14-bit gradation for greater control of the light source, the Quantum Mini LEDs. This allows the TV to control its lighting across 16,384 steps, quadrupled from the previous 4,096 steps.

Samsung’s new Shape Adaptive Light technology leverages the Neo Quantum Processor to analyze lines, shapes and surfaces to control the shape of light from the Quantum Mini LEDs, enhancing the brightness and accuracy of all shapes on the screen.


(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED also features Real Depth Enhancer, a multi-intelligence picture quality algorithm, providing a greater sense of realism by determining and processing an object on the screen against its background to create a sense of depth. Also new is an "EyeComfort" mode, which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and tone based on a built-in light sensor and sunset/sunrise information. 

For audio, Neo QLED has updated its OTS (Object Tracking Sound, technology, which directs sound to move across the room along with the object on-screen), with OTS Pro, which incorporates powerful up-firing speakers to create overhead surround sound. 

New Lifestyle screen features Samsung’s Frame, Sero and Serif TV sets include a new Matte Display with anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint properties. Samsung has also updated its Smart Hub that allows for improved programming discovery and display settings and customization. 

In addition, CES announced the winners of its 2022 CES Innovation Awards, which includes information about Samsung's new QD-Display TV. Samsung was expected to provide details about the new displays this week. 

The announcement reads:

"Samsung’s 65” QD-Display TV is the world’s first true RGB self-emitting Quantum Dot OLED display—revolutionizing TV by combining the contrast levels of RGB OLED with the color and brightness of quantum dots for ultimate visuals.

The QD-Display TV combines a groundbreaking new QD-OLED display with Samsung’s gorgeous Infinity One Design and immersive Object Tracking Sound technology. It’s built with our 2022 Neo Quantum Processor for superior image quality, while boasting a 144Hz refresh rate and four HDMI 2.1 inputs—both wins for gamers."

The 2022 International CES takes place in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-7. 

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