Samsung to Bow Prescription 3D Glasses

SEOUL: Samsung introduced prescription 3DTV eyewear in Korea last week, according to a news outlet there. The electronics manufacturer said it working with a professional eyewear company to create rechargeable, prescription shutter glasses compatible with its 3DTVs. Currently, people who wear corrective lenses are told to wear the shutter glasses over the top of them, but the arrangement’s a bit clunky and the shutter glasses are said to slide off.

The prescription 3D glasses will be available in several frame types with a one-week turnaround, the company said. They’re now available only in South Korea. Samsung did not say if and/or when it would embark on a U.S. launch.

Samsung now offers two models of active 3D shutter glasses in the United States--battery powered and rechargeable--plus a set to fit kids. The rechargeables are listed at for $199; the battery-powered glasses, $149.99, and the kids glasses run $179.99.
-- Deborah D. McAdams