Samsung, Sears and CBS Expand HD Coverage of College Sports

Following its announcement that it would co-sponsor the HD costs of CBS's new primetime lineup with Zenith, Samsung has joined with Sears to also financially support the network's expanded hi-def coverage of college sports.

Last season, CBS broadcast the first full season of college football in HD with the help of Samsung and Sears. In the upcoming season, football broadcasts will expand from 12 to 15 games and for the first time, two regular season college basketball games will be added to the lineup.

Also for the second straight year, Samsung and Sears will sponsor an "HDTV Game Day" promotion in which Sears' full-time stores will show a college football game in HD on a Samsung HDTV. However, the HDTV signal will not be received by Samsung ATSC decoders, but rather by EchoStar's satellite DISH network.

The HDTV college sports broadcast schedule kicks off on Sept. 7 with live coverage of the Miami vs. Florida football match-up and culminates on Dec. 21 with the UCLA-Kansas college basketball game.