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Samsung Rolls Out 1080p DLP

Samsung (opens in new tab) has begun distributing its new 1080p models to high-end retailers in North America. The units, which range from 50-71 inches, will soon be on display at merchants such as 6th Avenue Electronics, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics, Magnolia Home Theater (within select Best Buy locations) and Good Guys.

Samsung's suite of 1080p DLPs includes its 68, 78, and 88 Series. The 68 Series features the 56-inch HL-R5668W (MSRP $4,200), the 61-inch HL-R6168W (MSRP of $4,700), and the company's largest DLP, the 67-inch HL-R6768W (MSRP $6,000).

The 68 Series incorporates a floating screen design that separates the screen and bezel from its base to create a double-glance visual effect even when the set is off. The 68 Series also incorporates Samsung's Cinema Smooth Generation Six 1080P HD engine, and 30 watts of audio.

The 78 Series includes the 50-inch HL-R5078W (MSRP $3,700), the 56-inch HL-R5678W (MSRP $4,200), the 61-inch HL-R6178W (MSRP $4,700) and the 71-inch HL-R7178W (MSRP $6,500). Samsung said the 78 Series is digital cable-ready and comes with a built-in analog/digital tuner. The 88 Series, meanwhile, reportedly has a contrast ratio of 10,000:1.