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Samsung Conducts 8K HDR Test Via Satellite

Samsung has announced that it recently conducted a successful demonstration of sending 8K HDR images via satellite transmitted to a Samsung 82-inch QLED TV over HDMI 2.1.

The test broadcast used H.265 compression and was conducted at Seoul Mok-dong Broadcasting Center where 8K HDR images were transmitted to ETRI's Cheonian Ka-band satellite and shown over South Korean satellite broadcaster KT Skylife. ETRI is a South Korean-government funded research institute.

Samsung said it used the DVB-S2x transmission standard, which can expand satellite transmission bandwidth up to 100Mbps or more.

8KTVs were a prominent fixture at Samsung's 2019 CES booth, which included a massive 98-inch behemoth.  

“This test broadcast is significant in that it confirmed the technical stability of large-capacity satellite broadcasting in the future,” said Lee Han-han, head of technology at KT Skylife. "We will lead the market."