Samsung Adds Apple TV App and AirPlay 2 to Smart TVs

NEW YORK—Originally announced during CES in January, as of Monday, May 13, Samsung is making the new Apple TV app and AirPlay 2 capability available in all of its 2019 Samsung Smart TVs, as well as select 2018 models via a firmware upgrade. The addition of these services from Apple will enable Samsung customers to view Apple TV channels and iTunes movies and TV shows.

Samsung’s Won-Jin Lee, executive vice president of visual display business, says that Samsung is the first manufacturer to integrate the Apple TV app on a Smart TV platform. The Samsung TV’s will also be the first non-Apple product to support AirPlay 2.

The Apple TV app is being fully integrated into Samsung’s Smart TV platform, allowing viewers to buy or rent iTunes movies and TV shows, including titles available in 4K HDR. In addition, viewers will be able to subscribe to Apple TV channels within the app, which will also include the upcoming streaming service Apple TV+ set to debut later this year. The Apple TV app is designed to work with Samsung Smart TV’s services, including Universal Guide, Bixby and Search.

AirPlay 2 capability on the Samsung Smart TVs enable customers to play videos and other content from their iPhone, iPad or Mac directly to a Samsung Smart TV.