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Sachtler markets new Artemis camera stabilizing system

Sachtler has introduced the Artemis EFP HD SE camera stabilizing system, which is designed to work with HD cameras. The new stabilizer was designed and engineered in Germany, following the same philosophy as the entire Artemis stabilizing line.

Two key features of the system are the 15A high-capacity camera power supply and new hot-swap technology. In addition to the standard three-pin camera power out, three-pin aux power and four-pin focus power out sockets, there is an extra new camera power out, which uses the same Lemo 2B six-pin socket and wiring scheme as the RED ONE HD camera. The new HiCap high-capacity power supply allows the unit to handle 14V, 15A, at 210W without any problem. When the Artemis EFP HD SE system is used with 14V and up to 11A/154W, the voltage drop is less than 4 percent.

Due to the modularity of the Artemis EFP HD SE, the use of the 5ft 3in super post with an HD camera stabilizer system is no longer a problem, allowing unusual perspectives to be achieved. The dual dynamic balance of Artemis systems allows mounting of two batteries at four independently adjustable positions.