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Sachtler introduces artemis Cine HD Pro

Sachtler has unveiled the advanced artemis Cine HD Pro for professional film and digital cinematography.

The new artemis Cine HD Pro is a revised system, which combines the traditional functions of the previous Cine and Cine HD systems with the updates of the artemis EFP HD Special Edition. Among other benefits, the modular system offers a new 1.8in post and a matching gimbal.

The artemis Cine HD Pro supports dual video processing, which means HD-SDI and SD video signals can be used simultaneously. Hot-swap technology ensures electrical power is supplied continuously during a battery change, so there is no need to shut down the camera, monitor and radio channels.

Due to the HiCap wiring, the artemis Cine HD Pro, like the artemis EFP HD SE, can provide more than 200W to the camera.