Russia: Comstar Launches Voom, other HD Venues

Comstar, a Russian telecom firm, said this week it has grown it broadband services to 15-20 Mbps and started up its Stream-branded HD television services in and around Moscow.

Its increased broadband access speeds (which someday could be directly related to its HD offerings) consist of upgrading its "last mile" access network using FTTC fiber-to-the-curb technology. Comstar said equipment has been installed to more than 200 "curbs—and plans call for more than 3,000 curbs to be "modernized" by the end of 2009.

The Russian's firm's newly unveiled HD package begins modestly enough with a trio of pay-TV channels: MelodyZen, Voom TV, and Luxe TV. Monthly fee for the HD fare is about $8. Comstar is also providing HD VOD for $3.90 per movie.