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RTL Nederland implements S4M airtime sales system

Solutions for Media (S4M) has been contracted by RTL Nederland to manage its advertising campaigns with S4M’s S4AdSales system. The broadcaster was searching for a media sales system that provides for complex automated booking and optimization procedures for its four TV channels (RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7 and RTL 8) and its national radio channel.

The so-called “spot optimizer,” which enables automated planning, constitutes the core of the application. RTL Nederland usually doesn’t sell certain programs to its advertisers, but gross rating points (GRP). The corresponding GRP packages are individually defined. According to the desired number of contacts within the chosen target audience, the spot optimizer automatically determines how many spots have to be placed, at what time and in which programs. S4AdSales then proposes a possible scenario and also provides a respective simulation.