RTÉ deploys Pixel Power’s BrandMaster for precision manual control of complex channels

Irish national broadcaster RTÉ has procured six Pixel Power BrandMaster systems that combine master control and branding technology.

RTÉ Television migrated from Compass automation to Snell Morpheus last year. This development necessitated the replacement of the station’s master control switchers. Currently, there are five BrandMaster systems in live service across the broadcaster’s channels – RTÉ One, RTÉ Two (SD and HD), RTÉ Junior (a children’s channel) and an engineering test channel. The sixth system is held as a hot spare as part of an SLA agreement

RTÉ has deployed both Pixel Power’s hardware Video Switch Panel control technology as well as its overarching, touchscreen-based PPMC (Pixel Power Management Console). The former is used for hands-on control with sources dynamically displayed on each button so that RTÉ’s Presentation Directors can see what’s coming next and the transitions between automation events and live. The touchscreens allow additional audio monitoring, as well provide RTÉ with the ability to create shortcuts to everyday workflows (e.g. audio phase reversing, monitoring etc.)