RRsat Ups 3D Programming for FashionTV

AIRPORT CITY BUSINESS PARK, ISRAEL: RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. said it will broadcast more 3D programming for FashionTV H3D on AsiaSat 5, Eurobird 9a and Intelsat 805 satellites.

FashionTV has decided to extend its FashionTV H3D broadcast of 3D fashion shows. As announced by RRsat and FashionTV in February 2011, viewers and operators of AsiaSat 5, Eurobird 9a and Intelsat 805 satellites have been able to receive FashionTV's 3D programming in the beta test mode four times a day for 10 minutes each. After 10 months of testing, FashionTV has decided to extend this to a regular 30-minute 3D window four times per day beginning Dec. 1, 2011.

Here’s what the folks at FashionTV tell viewers without 3DTV sets: “Viewers without 3D mode may continue to see FashionTV shows as side-by-side pictures, appearing as if it were a graphic effect. The models in this mode appear slimmer, and are seen two times, side by side; the music and atmosphere of the show can be received in both the 3D and normal HD modes. For those viewers who wish to see the program as a full screen, may watch FashionTV in SD, if available from the same operator.”

FashionTV expects to start that the promotion of the new 3D service will start on FTV SD, HD, and on the ftv.com website starting Nov. 1, 2011.