Royer Labs offers new demo CD

Royer Labs has released its new microphone demonstration CD. Titled “Inside the Mix,” the new CD offers detailed examples of both Royer’s studio and Live Series microphones used in a wide variety of musical applications. It is available to prospective customers for a nominal shipping charge.

“Inside the Mix” enables one to hear the finished, fully mastered tracks of many well-known recordings and offers a more detailed perspective by isolating the individual tracks that were recorded on Royer microphones. This allows the listener to hear the soloed track with the individual instrument as it was originally recorded.

Royer’s new demo CD contains a broad assortment of musical examples, including performances by jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, singer/songwriter/guitarist Brian Setzer, the rock band Matchbox Twenty and New Orleans R&B master Allen Toussaint. Additionally, numerous leading engineers/producers contributed tracks to the CD, including GRAMMY Award winners Al Schmitt, Bruce Swedien and Ross Hogarth.

Some of the recording applications found on the disc include miked guitar cabinets and trumpet solos that demonstrate the ability to withstand high SPLs, in addition to drum overheads, orchestral strings and woodwinds. “Inside the Mix” can be requested via the company’s Web site or by phone.

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