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Routhier: ‘High-quality, comfortable’ viewing is essential to 3-D success in the home

A couple of years ago, there was an “insane rush” in which people were saying 3-D content was going to be everywhere for viewers to enjoy. Since then, the fever over 3-D has eased, but consumer electronics manufacturers, movie studios, sports television networks and others continue to move forward.

Among the many factors contributing to 3-D’s slow progress has been a relatively slim offering of 3-D content. As a result, says Pierre "Pete" Routhier, VP 3D Excellence Technology, Technicolor, much of the content being distributed to the home was created with cinematic viewing — even on IMAX screen — in mind. Adapting that 3-D content for the relatively small screen in the home must be done properly to achieve a pleasant viewing experience in the home.

In this video interview conducted at IBC2012 in Amsterdam, Routhier discusses the importance of properly adapting cinematic content for the home, where 3-D stands today and where it is headed.