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Ross Video to launch 10 new multi-definition switcher models at NAB2004

Ross Video, based in Ontario, Canada, will introduce 10 new multi-definition switcher models at NAB2004, ranging from the Synergy 100 MD single ME production switcher to the Synergy 4 MD-X four ME production switcher. The Synergy MDTM and MD-X series include a variety of new built-in features.

Synergy MD features system wide as well as M/E channel-based still stores. All still stores feature MediaCache for animated logos and short clip playout. Clips are easily loaded onto the system hard drive via Ethernet. The FlexiClean clean feed feature provides a customizable clean feed capability, available from every M/E simultaneously. AuxKeys offer unprecedented branding capabilities while Ross’ new UltraChrome chroma key technology provides super fine chroma key quality with automatic set up and easy-to-use controls. The RGB color correctors are perfect for fixing color temperature problems or adding creative effects.

Offering a tighter control over production and increased operational efficiencies, the MD and MD-X series offer a long list of interfaces including: video servers, VTRs, DDRs, audio servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, routers, still stores, character generators and more. Device control is designed to work the way a director works, making it easy to run external devices from the Synergy control panel in a live environment.

The MD and MD-X series switchers also integrate seamlessly with the Ross OverDrive live production control system, which enables production control room operation via an intuitive touch screen UI. OverDrive v1.0 will also be launched at NAB2004.

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