Ross Video Acquires Image Video

Image Video
(Image credit: Image Video)

OTTAWA—Ross Video has announced the acquisition of Image Video, a Toronto-based company best known for its TSI tally control panel. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The purchase, Ross Video’s 16th since 2009, will see Image Video’s product team, including Zach Wilkie and David Russell, as well as its R&D and technical support teams transition to Ross.

“As a fellow Canadian company that was founded in the same year [1974], we’ve obviously grown up alongside Ross Video, and we’ve seen the impressive growth and expansion of the Ross business, especially during the last decade,” said Wilkie. “We’re very pleased to become part of the family, and this acquisition will help us reach new international markets and scale much more effectively.”

David Ross, CEO of Ross Video, reflected on the acquisition. “Back in 1973, my father was in hospital after breaking his leg. Jim Leitch, the founder of Leitch Video, visited and advised my father to start his own company.”

“He said that there was a Leitch Video and an Image Video in Canada, so there should also be a Ross Video. It’s possible that if Image Video didn’t exist, my father may not have had such role models to show the way, and even if dad did start our company, we may not be named Ross Video today. All these years later, Image is now part of Ross, something that my father agrees is quite remarkable.”

Ross added that Image Video’s TSI tally platform complements Ross Video’s product lineup.

More information is available on the Ross Video website.

Phil Kurz

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