Rosco shows on-camera window control background system at IBC

After a number of successful tests on high-profile sporting events, Rosco will show RoscoView at IBC. RoscoView is a new set background system for window control of TV broadcasts.

RoscoView consists of polarizing filters in acrylic panels or soft rolls for the windows and a matching glass-polarizing filter for the camera lens. When used together, the filters provide constant control over the amount of light the camera registers beyond the window.

The camera filter is optical glass. Rotating the filter changes the degree of cross polarization on the window where the RoscoView filter is installed. This results in 100 percent control of exterior brightness as seen through the window. To the naked eye, the ambient light coming into the room or studio is reduced by only one stop.

As the camera filter is rotated, it instantly compensates for changes in the daylight exposure as seen through the windows. It reduces studio downtime and ends the constant changing out of filters as lighting conditions change. Combining two or more pieces together can accommodate any size window.

Canadian Broadcasting used the Rosco technology in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics and the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.