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Rohde & Schwarz enhances data inserter for multimedia

Rohde & Schwarz has added new options to its DTV IP Data Inserter that move past its traditional broadcasting technology to the required playout technology for transporting multimedia data for DVB-H.

The Generator R&S DIP010 option makes it possible to insert more than 100 multimedia services into DVB-H channels; and the R&S DIP-H implements the characteristic parameters of the DVB-H standard such as multiprotocol encapsulation, time slicing and additional Reed-Solomon error correction (MPE-FEC).

The R&S DIP010 data inserter’s horizontal and vertical time slicing configuration, accurate to 1ms, and provides a maximum of eight parallel time slicing structures (sub channeling). The hardware implementation of the Reed-Solomon coder allows dynamic FEC frames with variable code rates and adaptive puncturing to be generated. The time required for generation is constant and does not depend on the number of multimedia services.

The R&S DIP010 can be operated in the MPEG-2 inserter or generator mode, which allows device cascading and ensures scalability of the playout systems. The ALC/FLUTE carousel on the R&S DIP010 in the Web Carousel platform enables playout of electronic program guides (EPG) or other data structures.

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