Rohde & Schwarz Ends Fiscal Year Ahead

MUNICH, GERMANY: Rohde & Schwarz closed its most recent fiscal year with revenues of €1.3 billion (US$1.82 million), “slightly” above the previous fiscal year ending July 2009. The company said it started cutting costs when the recession hit, but continued launching new products. The combination allowed the company to retain its workforce of 7,400 people, it said.

“Thanks to a strong finish, we completed fiscal year 2009-10 with a considerably better result than we expected at the beginning,” R&S president and CEO, Manfred Fleischmann, said in a statement. “Now we have to take the positive momentum and carry it over into the new fiscal year in order to be able to focus our efforts again on sustained growth.”

When the economic crisis hit, Rohde rolled back material expenses and outsourcing, and focused on short-term work. It said “almost all” of the measures taken to weather the recession had been lifted.

Rhode said its broadcast market share “increased slightly” during fiscal 2010, partly due to a demand for test-and-measurement gear and transmitters. T&M also benefited from the strong recovery in the wireless communications market, particularly smartphones and 4G technology. Rohde’s market share in aerospace and defense grew as well.

“The family-owned company continued to forge ahead with its global orientation, especially through the expansion of activities in Asia,” the company said. “The company maintained its high level of investment in research and development at 15 percent of turnover.... Other milestones included the addition of broadband amplifiers to the product portfolio and the company's debut into the oscilloscope business,” the company said.

The current fiscal year looks “promising,” the company said, citing the growth of 4G wireless tech and terrestrial DTV around the world. The oscilloscope and broadband amplifier lines are expected to generate new business. Demand for secure communications systems is expected to grow. Additionally, Rohde is focusing on expanding its global presence.

“Rohde & Schwarz has set the right course for the future,” Fleischmann said. “Barring any renewed turbulence in the financial markets, we are forecasting increasing revenues and healthy growth for fiscal year 2010/2011.”