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Rodeo FX Wins VES Award for ‘Games of Thrones’

MONTREAL—Though the fictional world of Westeros is not often kind to those who inhabit it, the visual effects team in charge of creating it is reaping some benefits. Rodeo FX, the Montreal-based visual effects studio, won a Visual Effects Society Award of its work on season five of the popular HBO show “Game of Thrones” for the creation of the city of Volantis.

Rodeo FX artists Dominic Piché, lead modeler, Christine Leclerc, lead texture artist, Patrice Poissant, CG artist, and Thomas Montminy-Brodeur, digital compositor, were awarded the VES Award for Outstanding Created Environment for their work on creating Voltanis. To create the city, the artists worked from a live plate using a Roman bridge in Córdoba, Spain, and then added buildings, market and a background matte painting with CG.

Rodeo FX also won a VES Award in the Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode category for its work on “Game of Thrones.”

According to Rodeo FX, it delivered more than 200 visual effects to “Game of Thrones.” To see an example of the studio’s work, check out the video below.

Game Of Thrones - Season 5 - VFX Breakdown from Rodeo FX on Vimeo.