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Rockwell Collins Unveils New HD ‘Venue’ for Private Jets

Fear not. If you’re concerned about whether your corporate jet has the latest HD hardware and software, look no further. Aviation electronics supplier Rockwell Collins this week unveiled its new HD system dubbed “Venue,” which it describes as its “next generation, high definition, cabin management system for business jets.”

The firm said Venue’s HD cabin system has already been given the go-ahead by Cessna for that company’s CJ4 jets, taking off in 2010. The Venue system’s first deliveries are set for early 2009, according to Rockwell Collins, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Designed to mirror a typical home theater experience, Venue’s standard package includes a “real-time and uncompressed High Definition distribution system” that enables business jet passengers to enjoy 720p and 1080p on devices such as Blu-ray Disc players and Xbox 360 game consoles, CD and MP3 players, an integrated 3-D Airshow Moving Map, a front-port USB input for media files, and more.

Also available (and optional) with Venue is a new line of in-seat and bulkhead 16:9 displays. No price points were offered in Rockwell Collins’ announcement—but like they say, if you have to ask…