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Robust LCD Sales Forecast Sees Slight Uptick

It's always good news when HDS-centric projections have to be revised upward, rather than in the opposite direction. Because of continuing price cuts and some manufacturing streamlining, the projected number of LCD TV screens to be shipped during the current calendar year has been increased by market watcher iSuppli.

The analyst says it has adjusted its predictions for the year to forecast that panel shipments will reach 75.2 million in 2007--up slightly from an estimated 72.9 million panels that had been predicted in last year's final quarter.

The revised projection numbers are nearly 43 percent higher than the actual number of screens sold in 2006. If current trends accelerate slightly, as envisioned, iSuppli said 2008 sales could reach 100 million units. The market analyst predicts that two-thirds of all TV units shipped by 2011 will be LCD.