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Rip-Tie CableCarrier offers easy, convenient method to carry cable

Rip-Tie has introduced CableCarrier, which allows technicians and engineers to carry extra cable on their tool belts.

Rip-Tie's CableCarrier

Features include:

  • Belt-loop or tool-belt attachable
  • Three different choices of attachment hardware: 2 1/16-inch (5.2cm) nylon swivelhook, 3 1/8-inch (8cm) aluminum carabiner and 2 3/16-inch (5.5cm) aluminum triangular carabiner
  • Lasts for 10,000 refastenings
  • Is available in 14 different colors and two sizes
  • Non-load bearing carabiners (not for climbing) in matte silver and matte black

The maximum opening of the 8cm Carabiner is 1-inch, allowing it to hang from a wide range of supports and equipment.

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