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Riedel Intercom System Drives Barracuda Racing’s Team Communications

GLENDALE, CALIF. —Barracuda Racing of the IZOD IndyCar Series debuted its Riedel Communications equipment at the Indianapolis 500.

Throughout the 500-mile race, held May 26, Riedel’s solutions provided the Bryan Herta Autosport team with a radio package connecting all Barracuda Racing team members, including the pit crew and driver.

For the 2013 Indy 500, the Barracuda Racing team interfaced a Riedel Artist 32 digital matrix intercom, used by those racing-team members who were hard-wired in the pits and timing stand, with a radio system used by the crew members who worked “over the wall” or required mobility throughout the pit lane. The Artist system supported various keypanels and five digital two-channel Performer Digital Partyline Intercom beltpacks with MAX high-performance headsets. The radio system included 28 Motorola radios and racing headsets, 12 helmet kits for the driver and crew, and 16 MAX headsets.

The intercom system allowed for communication efficiency within the timing stand, and it leveraged multiple Riedel RiFace universal radio interface systems to link the intercom with the pit crew's digital radios. The Barracuda Racing team was able to segment frequency utilization for further efficiency by providing dedicated frequencies for transmit/receive to and from the race car, for increased clarity.