RFS supplies components, transmission expertise for Hong Kong DTTV project

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has completed a major project supplying components and consulting required to make digital terrestrial TV (DTTV) a reality in Hong Kong via its main transmitter site at Temple Hill.

Temple Hill is Hong Kong's main TV transmitter site, servicing around 50 percent of the special administrative region's population with DTTV. The transmitter also services the analog TV needs of the region. Switchoff of analog transmission is slated for 2012.

RFS supplied the switch frames, combiners, main feeders and antennas for the Temple Hill DTTV transmitter as well as six passive microwave systems for the backhaul side of the network that drives Hong Kong's digital TV network.

Hong Kong has an unusual TV network transmission topology, stemming partly from its multi-island geography. The evolution of analog TV in Hong Kong has also been quite complex, with 40 main and secondary analog transmitters servicing the region.

The DTTV network, though geographically simpler with the main Temple Hill transmitter site and five principle station sites, is technically complex. It is based on a combination of MFN (multi-frequency network) and SFN (single-frequency network) multiplexes potentially spanning channels 22 to 62 in TV bands IV and V.