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RF Central technology covers ‘American Gladiators’

Video Equipment Rentals (VER), a national A/V, audio, broadcast and computer equipment rental company, is using RF Central equipment to broadcast NBC’s popular “American Gladiators.”

VER provided four RFX-CMT wireless camera transmitters and four RFX-X6 diversity receivers to ensure that all the action taking place during the broadcast of “American Gladiators” was captured efficiently and effectively.

Wayne Miller, general manager at VER’s Glendale, CA, office, says that the RF Central technology was the ideal choice for delivering quality coverage in such a demanding venue. Signals had to be transmitted in a highly congested stadium located in downtown Los Angeles that was surrounded by concrete walls and a tank of water.

With low latency and low power consumption, RF Central’s COFDM technology helps alleviate and overcome congestion issues that are typically faced when dealing with wireless products in 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands.

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