RF Central gives all-star wireless performance for MLB

Two complete wireless camera transmission systems from RF Central captured the action of the All-Star game in St. Louis.

Two complete wireless camera transmission systems from RF Central were used to capture highlights of this year’s MLB All-Star game in Saint Louis.

Camera operators were seen roaming the stadium with RF Central’s RFX-CMT-II camera mounted transmitters, RMR-X6-II diversity receivers and RFX-HD-D decoders. Most of the images were displayed on the large screens inside the stadium.

Craig Wilson, scoreboard operator for the St. Louis Cardinals, said the two systems were used back-to-back seamlessly all throughout the stadium, and they worked “better than we ever expected.” Wilson and his team also used RF Central’s CMT-II system for the Home Run Derby, All-Star Legends Celebrity Softball Game and FanFest.

“We had a very busy couple of days, and not having to worry about losing our signal coverage was a huge relief,” Wilson said.

The license-free 5.8GHz CMT-II units, which Wilson used, are ideal for sports and remote production applications. The CMT-II is offered in HD/SD or SD models, each featuring high-quality, low-latency encoding technology, and are also available in licensed 2GHz and 6.4GHz versions. All versions feature inputs of HD or SD-SDI, ASI and composite video signals.

In addition to Wilson’s use of RF Central’s products, various other production companies used RF Central equipment during the Midsummer Classic. In total, six RF Central CMT-IIs, 10 X6-II six-way receivers and five RFX-HD-D decoders were used during the All-Star week events.