Retailers Ink Varying Deals for Blu-ray 'Twilight'

In a marketing strategy apparently designed to spotlight the Blu-ray Disc format to young consumers, the highly popular teen movie "Twilight" will be sold in its Blu-ray Disc version exclusively at Target and Best Buy outlets. Meanwhile, Border's this week has signed its own deal to carry a two-disc standard DVD version of the same title all by itself for a limited time.

Target and Best Buy will be sole "Twilight" Blu-ray sellers from its March 21 release through May 5, when the studio will make the Blu-ray (1080p) edition more widely available to retailers.

The motion picture's studio, Summit Home Entertainment, is deploying other unusual marketing plans for its video disc release, including restricting single-disc standard DVD versions of the title mostly to rental stores, notably Netflix and Blockbuster. (The Blu-ray version also will be available to rent.)

While the initially limited availability of "Twilight" on Blu-ray will be closely monitored by other studios and Blu-ray proponents, Summit did not give any specific reasons why it was pursuing this unusual marketing plan.