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Report: Local OTA Ad Revenue Expected to hit $20.8B

CHANTILLY, VA.—Local television stations’ over-the-air ad revenue is expected to get a boost in 2016 as BIA/Kelsey forecasts it reaching $20.8 billion. This would mark a 12.1 percent increase over 2015, which was a down year—falling 7.2 percent from 2014—according to BIA/Kelsey’s report.

All regions of the U.S. are expected to rebound from 2015, with the Midwest expecting the largest increase of 14.6 percent; an 8.4 percent increase is expected in the Southwest, 11.1 percent in the East, 11.9 percent in the West, and 12.6 percent in the South. BIA/Kelsey cites the election and general rebound of the economy as reasoning for the increase.

“The election and economy, driven by stronger employment figures and continuing low interest rates, are helping push local TV ad revenues above expectations this year,” according to Mark Fratrik, senior vice president and chief economist for BIA/Kelsey.

Click on the link to see the full “2016 Investing In Television Ownership Report.”

BIA/Kelsey is an advisor to local media companies.