Report examines IPTV QoS, QoE

Video quality can be an important differentiating factor that attracts and keeps customers in the ongoing battle among IPTV, cable TV and satellite TV operators.

According to a new report from Multimedia Research Group (MRG), IPTV operators are finding there are many parts of the system where video quality and packet-flow can be compromised, causing a major impact on consumers' Quality of Experience (QoE).

The report, "IPTV Video Quality: QoS and QoE — 2006," addresses this complexity by focusing on seven "domains of influence" in the video value chain and hones in on each to expose the best practices for identifying and solving QoS (Quality of Service) problems.

By using quantitative measurements for addressing QoS issues and subjective/qualitative measurements for QoE, the report provides linkage between both dimensions of quality control.
The IPTV domains include acquisition and ingest, processing, storage, control, distribution, edge and customer premises.

The report examines the MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 architectures as a way to demonstrate how packet restoration, fast-channel-change and other issues are accomplished and at what cost for SD, HD and for shared triple-play services. It also presents both operational and technical tools on how to design, test, operate and monitor a quality-centric IPTV network.

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