Renesas Says Processor Delivers 1080p to Cell Phones

HD video could be coming to a really tiny screen near you soon, according to Renesas Technology.

The Tokyo-based chipmaker said it has developed an application processor (SH7370-MobileHD1) for cell phones, which is said to provide 1920x1080 pixels and comes with recording and playback options, as well. Renesas said its new video processing unit delivers about six times the performance level of its comparable earlier products. The new 1080p scheme comes via a single chip.

For audio, the MobileHD1 is comprised of two 24-bit, dedicated DSPs to lighten the audio processing load on the CPU, and to reduce power consumption. The processor includes an interface that supports connection to a transmitter microchip that implements HDMI for interconnections between various AV components.

No word yet on which cell phone makers may choose to tap into the Renesas chip to bring HD to the small screen.