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Renault Inaugurates New Unit for EMC Testing

Renault inaugurated a new electromagnetic compatibility unit at its Aubevoye Technical Centre last week. The company said the unit has three main goals -- "to ensure the immunity of vehicles to electromagnetic interference from external sources, to control electromagnetic emissions from vehicles and, finally, to measure the radiation performance of radio aerials."

Renault said electromagnetic immunity focuses on the vehicle's capacity to resist electromagnetic interference from external sources and the mutual compatibility of on-board equipment. Electromagnetic quietness refers to operation of the vehicle without interference to the surrounding environment. "Radio frequencies" is Renault's description of work to optimize the reception and transmission of RF data used by on-board radio, satellite navigation and DTV systems.

Renault said the "unique" facility occupies an area of 1,800 square meters and houses three Faraday cages grouped around a remote control room. The RF test chamber incorporates a 12-meter diameter arch with multiple sensors for the 75-500 MHz and 400-6000 MHz spectrum segments. These will allow 3D radiation patterns of antennas to be produced in two hours compared to two days required for 2D patterns in less sophisticated test chambers. The immunity test chamber allows the car to be placed on a roller test bed simulating actual running conditions while the vehicle is exposed to electromagnetic fields from antennas generating over 100 volts per meter at frequencies between 100 KHz and 3 GHz. The quietness test chamber is shielded from outside radiation and allows measurement of electromagnetic emissions from the vehicle and its electronic equipment.