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Red Sox deploy 360 Systems video server for stadium entertainment

At Boston’s Fenway Park, the large video display board and monitors around the ballpark are fed by a 360 Systems three-channel MAXX video server.

Channel 1 feeds the in-house cable channel, Sox on Six, which serves up programs like “The Red Sox Report” and “Red Sox Stories” to video monitors throughout the stadium. A second channel provides a backup in-game feed to the main video display board, running staff-created music videos. When rain delays the game, material stored on the server keeps the crowd entertained with “evergreen” features on famous players and team history. The remaining channel is used to ingest new material.

Chief engineer Eric Hancock said they can roll out a playlist, edit it and change the file order simply and conveniently. He said plans are in the works for a transition to HD to satisfy the demand for higher image quality, although details and budget are still being worked out.

Staff members use Image Server’s built-in editing features to trim the heads and tails of programs. Eight edit bays and editors work on Final Cut Pro and transfer files over a GigE network that feeds a Ross Video router and an Echolab switcher. A Blonder Tongue modulator interfaces to the cable system.