RadiantGrid adds QC capabilities to file processing

RadiantGrid Technologies has expanded the quality analysis capabilities of its RadiantGrid transcoding and signal processing platform to include internal and external analysis tools from third-party software developers Interra Systems, Manzanita Systems and Metaglue. These additions let users compare outgoing media files against in-house quality control policies when processing content within the RadiantGrid Platform.

The company said that in many video processing and transcoding architectures users have to finish transcoding, physically move the file to another device, generate a report, review the report, check the source, make adjustments and then resubmit for transcoding. In many cases, problem content would not be caught and would make it to air.

Through a combination of internal and external quality analysis tools, all unified under a single user interface, RadiantGrid users can check ingested media for issues with the audio, video and ancillary data before moving it into the transcoding workflow stage. Users will also be able to analyze content after transcoding and before distribution. RadiantGrid already enables fully integrated quality analysis with automatic correction capabilities within its Preparation Workflow Module. These preparation options include frame-level metadata analysis, field-level video analysis and audio analysis, which automatically provide corrective processes during the preparation stage.

By combining the enhanced analysis capabilities of these vendors, RadiantGrid can isolate and correct issues across the entire spectrum of video, audio and ancillary data certification. Each software option is offered as a separate plug-in, and each handles different types of quality control functions. Via the user interface, users can select which ones will work best with the needs of their particular workflow and aren't limited to using a single tool for all their quality analysis workflow.

With Interra System’s Baton quality control processes, users have access to some of the most comprehensive format support and audio/video quality checks for any content, at any stage of content lifecycle. For efficient routing, the plug-in features rapid content profiling and metadata extraction through seamless integration via XML-RPC APIs.

For those looking to check the associated metadata of their MXF files, they now have access to Metaglue’s MXFixer. MXFixer allows for analysis during the unwrap and rewrap of MXF complex containers. MXF files are automatically screened, and metadata is examined for compliance.

Manzanita CrossCheck is a solution for automating the verification of transport stream files in environments such as video on demand and advertisement insertion. CrossCheck leverages Manzanita’s reputation for performance and adherence to standards in order to deliver fast and rigorous verification of content against predefined CableLabs, MPEG, ATSC and DVB profiles, or a custom set of specifications.