Quantel to display several new products at IBC2003

Quantel will introduce several new products at this year's IBC2003 conference in Amsterdam.

Quantel’s generationQ range on display at IBC

Part of the generationQ range for Digital Intermediate, Quantel’s iQ offers a host of new features and facilities. It incorporates the new V2 software, which provides users with next-generation compositing and effects tools -- including unlimited-layer compositing and in-context plug-ins.

IQ provides up to six hours of 10-bit 2K online storage, and features Resolution Co-existence for handling different resolutions on the same timeline. The material can also be viewed with sound.

iQ also features QColor, an integrated hardware and software option offering an additional set of in-context color correction tools for a wide range of projects from 2K digital intermediate film grading and HD RGB grading to YUV HD and SD longform grading.

Quantel is also moving to an integrated production with the generationQ for news and sports.

The system features scalable server technology, integrated broadcast and browse storage under a single database, and a scalable range of timeline editing and graphics applications.

Quantel shows upgrades to graphics systems

New V2 software provides additional functionality to Quantel’s graphics product range on display at IBC. The range includes the QPaintbox Pro for close-to-air production, gQ for high-end design and the QPaintbox desktop software for work-sharing and background design tasks. The software provides in-context plug-ins, which are especially useful in close-to-air graphics production environments. These plug-ins allow one-off visual effects to be quickly composed and put to air.

This year, the graphics systems are integrated with the sQServer, which unifies all aspects of production for increased efficiency and reduced time to air.

For more info visit Web site www.quantel.com.

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