Quantel presents QColor

Quantel has introduced Qcolor, an integrated hardware and software option for its eQ (and iQ) products. QColor provides an additional set of color corrections tools.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting has selected Media 100’s 844/X editing system for the creation of on-air opens, promotions, and network image spots.

With QColor users can monitor full screen full quality images in real-time. Users can grade shots in the live edit retaining full trim flexibility and can add dissolves.

It features instant nonlinear access to any shot, fast copy and paste setups between scenes and the ability to control pan and scan and blur from same panel for image control.

QColor has non-compressed operation, 16-bit processing and an external waveform monitor and vectorscope connections.

Other new tools with QColor include:

  • Unlimited cascading color corrections
  • Unlimited secondaries with precise selection
  • Tracker-linked mask correction
  • Grade tail frames
  • Grade layers in context
  • Multi-resolution timeline operation
  • Multi-shot corrections
  • Visual storyboard
  • Print matching LUTs with color control
  • Background networking

The QColor is part of the generationQ family of products.

For more information visit www.quantel.com.

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