Q&A: Sony Pushing BD-Live as Next Blu-Ray Move

Asad Qizilbash is product marketing manager for Sony Electronics, the chief proponent of the Blu-ray Disc standard. He spoke recently with HD Notebook:

HD Notebook: Now that Blu-ray is alone among next-gen disc systems, where might Sony’s strategy in marketing, as well as growing other aspects of Blu-ray’s future, change?

Qizilbash: From the beginning, Sony’s strategy has been to educate consumers on the benefits of Blu-ray Disc, including full high-definition 1920x1080 resolution and uncompressed 7.1 theatrical audio. This will not change, but as ‘BD-Live’ features become more and more compelling, we will make sure that the market knows the Blu-ray experience is more than your run-of-the-mill movie watching experience.

HD Notebook: What is Profile 2.0 of BD-Live, and what might it portend for Blu-ray users who already are being asked to pay noticeably more for Blu-ray titles compared to the same titles on standard DVD?

Qizilbash: BD-Live is the coming together of packaged media and online interactivity, allowing consumers to go beyond watching movies. Unique interactive features allow movie fans to access extraordinary extras that include trailers, behind-the-scenes interviews, short subjects, games, ringtones and various other features. Since BD-Live is driven online, the options are limitless as studios devise new content at-will.