PSSI Builds At-Home Transmission for NASCAR’s Rolex 24

(Image credit: PSSI Global)


VAN NUYS, Calif.—PSSI Global Services was responsible for the set-up for an at-home transmission for NASCAR’s Rolex 24 event from Daytona Beach, Fla., to NASCAR headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. PSSI utilized 32 video paths and 150 audio paths through satellite and AT&T Global Video Services fiber for the production.

PSSI used two-and-a-half transponders and one amplifier to transmit three different modulation schemes simultaneously. The primary multiplex featured DVB-S2X/32APSK, while the secondary program multiplex was modulated using DVB-S2X/16APSK; each operated at 125 Mbps. The third multiplex was 40 Mbps and used DVB-S2/8PSK modulation.

Together the three multiplexes totaled 290 Mbps and occupied 90 MHz of satellite bandwidth.

PSSI International Teleport provided hub services between the racetrack and NASCAR headquarters.

PSSI says it also provided comms and internet for the production.

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