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Producer/director Carey edits 'Catskill Mountain House' documentary with EDIUS

Tobe Carey, producer/director at Willow Mixed Media near Woodstock, NY, made extensive use of Grass Valley EDIUS 6.0 HD nonlinear editing software to edit his award-winning documentary, “The Catskill Mountain House and The World Around.”

The documentary, which won a Gold Remi award at the 44th Annual WorldFest Houston International Film Festival in March, tells the story of America's first great mountain-top hotel, romantic tourism, and cutthroat competition in New York’s Northern Catskills.

Carey used EDIUS software and all of its real-time, built-in workflow tools to shape the feature and prepare it for output to DVD and final distribution. The documentary includes a great deal of material from different sources in different formats. These could all be combined on the EDIUS timeline during the editing process.

For 140 years, from 1823 to 1963, the Catskill Mountain House stood atop the Catskill High Peaks as a symbol of the Gilded Age. Beginning in the 1850's, The Laurel House, The Hotel Kaaterskill, The Overlook Mountain House and The Grand Hotel also became world famous vacation spots, attracting world famous business tycoons, artists and presidents.

The story of the rise and fall of the Catskill Mountain House is a compelling tale of steamboat and railroad empires, bitter rivalries, exclusive private preserves, fabulous art and picturesque landmarks that celebrated the Catskills.

“EDIUS was my bedrock in dealing with many hours of interviews with historians, as well as organizing the hundreds of images, vintage art, 19th century music and period films from the Library of Congress,” Carey said.