PRO TV Romania to roll out digital newsroom

Central European Media Enterprise's (CME) subsidiary, PRO TV Romania, has taken on a turnkey digital newsroom system as part of CME's transition to an automated, networked, tapeless environment.

The system includes a cluster of five Harris NEXIO server platforms, eight NewsFlash high-resolution news editors, 20 NewsFlash Preditor low-resolution desktop editors and eight VelocityQ craft editing systems. The new CME facility will provide news programming for all of Romania.

At PRO TV, the Preditor low-resolution desktop editors with integrated NRCS (newsroom computer system) tools are attached to the central storage, enabling journalists to tie scripts to video from one simple interface. NewsFlash news editors and VelocityQ craft editing systems provide high-resolution editing capability. Of the eight VelocityQ craft editing systems, four are dedicated to news, two to promos and two for repurposing content, particularly for the Internet.

CME broadcasts four channels in Romania. PRO TV broadcasts a broad mix of programs, including news, sports and entertainment. Acasa is a lifestyle channel aimed mainly at women. PRO Cinema telecasts premium movies and PRO TV International is broadcast outside of Romania. During the next year, CME plans to add at least two more channels, including an HD service, which will be one of the first in Eastern Europe.

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