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Prasar Bharati of India goes handheld with Tektronix

Prasar Bharati, India’s public service broadcaster located in New Delhi, has purchased Tektronix’ handheld waveform monitors for studio and field use during its transition from an analog to a digital infrastructure.

Prasar Bharati will use Tektronix WFM91D handheld waveform monitors in a mixed analog and digital environment for studio maintenance and field production work. The Tektronix WFM91D Handheld Waveform Monitor is a handheld, multifunction monitor ideally suited to the monitoring needs of field production, equipment installation or any situation where portability and battery operation is required for analysis of analog composite video and standard definition digital systems.

The high-resolution, 4 inch/102 mm color LCD display provides a clear picture of the incoming video signal. Alternately, the waveform, vector or audio displays may be shown full-screen or overlaid in monochrome atop the color picture display. In addition to the integrated LCD display, a composite video output enables routing to an external display.

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