Post Digital turns to Quantel eQ for HD

Post Digital, the post-production unit of Vegas Media Group, recently deployed its Quantel eQ editing, effects, grading and mastering system complete with TimeMagic no-wait hardware to finish the full-length feature “The Ghosts of Goldfield.”

The film, which is the company’s first original feature film production, marks Vegas Media Group’s continued growth as a full-service production and post-production company.

The 82-minute movie, an 18th Avenue Production project produced in affiliation with Stella Productions, is loosely based on stories and legends surrounding the Goldfield Hotel, located in Nevada about three hours from Las Vegas. It was shot in HD in December 2005.

Prior to the eQ purchase, Post Digital already had a Quantel Editbox for SD editing, plus a full complement of systems to edit HD material. However, with the decision to move into features, the company wanted to enhance and upgrade the capabilities of its HD suite.

An HDCAM master of “The Ghosts of Goldfield” is being output directly from the eQ. The film’s final release will be on DVD.

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