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PMI Pittsburg Installs NVerzion CloudNine Video Servers

CloudNine servers customized to work with existing automation system
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SALT LAKE CITY—Syndicated television distributor PMI-TV serves the Pittsburg area and recently needed to replace its aging video server system after the manufacturer discontinued support; it did so with NVerzion’s CloudNine broadcast video servers.

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Key for PMI was installing new video servers that could coexist with its current automation system, so NVerzion designed a system with the CloudNine servers that would not disturb PMI’s workflow. With the CloudNine’s ability to offer direct playback of file formats like MXF, GXF and MOV without transcoding, the servers can interface directly with network components.

The CloudNine servers will also allow for capturing master content from tape and then export the file over their network. The video servers interface with the central storage system, allowing for transfer without using the editing workstations.

NVerzion worked with PMI prior to the installation to design the specifics of the system.