Pioneer Voyager 3511HD Brings High-Definition to Set-Top Boxes

Pioneer Electronics Inc. recently added to its Voyager product line with the Voyager 3511HD. The low-cost set-top box is designed to meet consumer demand for HDTV.

The set-top box will enable cable operators to provide subscribers with up-to-date entertainment technology. Cable customers will be able to decode a variety of HDTV formats, depending on the format the cable operator chooses.

Voyager 3511HD users can watch analog and digital television sources and HDTV broadcasts. It also offers:

* High-definition decoding capabilities
* Advanced dual processing power
* Flexible memory configurations with up to 32 MB of SDRAM memory
* A built-in ATSC digital decoder
* Video outputs that can pass native 1080i signals or down-convert them based on display limitations