PBS station WOSU selects Euphonix console for digital audio broadcasting

WOSU, a PBS affiliate operated by Ohio State University, is sounding better with the help of Euphonix. The station recently moved into a new digital media center that features a full complement of digital production technology and systems for broadcast on radio and television. Located in the city’s Center of Science and Industry (COSI), the new digital media center, called WOSU@COSI, boasts a new Euphonix Max Air digital audio mixing console.

The digital audio board, purchased last May and installed in October by Communications Engineering of Washington, D.C., supports 106 channels with 24 program busses, 24 group/mix minus busses, 16 aux busses, 24 microphone preamps, 24 line level analog inputs, 24 pairs (48 channels) of AES/EBU digital I/O and 24 line level analog outputs. The entire system is housed in a 16 x 8 fader configuration.

The Max Air console will enable the station to expand into new programming areas, said John J. Prosek, WOSU@COSI’s TV broadcast manager, including more music productions, local shows and series programming. They also plan to be a major producer of non-sports OSU-related programming for the Big Ten Channel, a national network devoted to Big Ten athletic and academic programs.

Among its numerous features, the Max Air console includes a touch-screen interface, the company’s PatchNet on-screen digital routing system and the superchannel function, which enables any channel to be brought to the console’s center for detailed control adjustments and graphics display of EQ, dynamics, pan and additional system parameters.

Facility guests are able to view TV and radio broadcast productions in progress through a series of large glass viewing areas that provide glimpses into both the station’s studios and control rooms.

For more information, visit www.wosu.org and www.euphonix.com.