Paywizard Rebrands as Singula Decisions

(Image credit: Singula Decisions)

LONDON—Paywizard, a pay-TV customer management company, has officially rebranded as Singula Decisions, which has a mission of empowering TV subscription businesses to “bridge the ‘Air Gap’ between their subscriber data and their ability to activate next best actions at every customer touchpoint.”

“As TV subscription businesses continue to come under increasing pressure to grow and retain customers, finding and executing the perfect growth strategy has become critical to survival,” said Bhavesh Vaghela, Singula Decisions' chief executive.

Part of the relaunch includes the introduction of the Singula Subscriber Intelligence platform, which is broken into three components to drive subscription growth, the company says. First is the Decision Moments segmentation model, which helps businesses understand where their subscribers are at in the eight key stages of the customer journey. Then Subscription Scorecard determines the true characters of each customer and ensures the content, service and communications being supplied meet with the demand-driven factors, like usage, satisfaction and willingness to pay. The final component is the Action Library, providing pre-loaded and tested actions that can be used to react and change customer behavior.

“The ethos of Singula Decisions is simple: we combine our team’s extensive domain knowledge and practical experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, turning subscriber data into something so tangible that it will transform the way TV operators engage with their subscribers,” said Vaghela.

In addition to Vaghela, the Singula Decisions leadership team includes Andrew Burke, a previous CEO at BT Entertainment and Amino Technologies, as chairman; Debbie Leishman, who has spent 18 years with Singula (ne Paywizard), as chief operating officer; Martin Reynard, formerly with TravelTek, Edesix and Touch Bionics, as chief financial officer; Scott Leckie as chief technology officer, a position he held at Axios Systems and others; and Gary Eunson, with more than 20 years in global sales, as the head of global sales.

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