Path 1 Resolves IP Incompatibility

Path 1 Network Technologies--maker of video routing products--has resolved the compatibility issues between IP Multicast and MPLS networks with its new Cx1000 RepliCaster Video over IP Gateway. The RepliCaster allows uncompressed SDI or compressed ASI video feeds to be sent to multiple locations over IP/MPLS networks.

The re-route capabilities of MPLS networks provide routing to alternative video paths if a failure occurs.

Users can choose up to three destinations per uncompressed SDI video feed, and they can also choose up to thirty-two destinations per compressed ASI video feed.

"Traffic engineering challenges have inhibited the use of IP Multicasting for live video transport, because re-routing signals around broken links causes the video to break up," said Gerry Kaufhold, principal analyst with InStat/MDR. "This new product simplifies the network while safeguarding video quality and enables network operators to advance deployment of video over IP services."